Modifying posted Purchase or Sales Trade agreements in MS Dynamics AX 2012


 Hi All,


        We are going to discuss about the process as how to modify the Sales or Purchase trade agreements which are posted.


        Here we are going to discuss how to modify the line discount highlighted in the below screenshot which is already created and posted. For example there are chances the management suggests to change or modify the trade agreements which were posted already by mistake.

         The below screenshot displays the existing and posted Line discount trade  agreement  for the item discount group ‘expline1’.



·         Navigate to Item discount Group (Sales and Marketing à Setup à Price/Discount à Item Discount Groups) and select ‘expline1’ Discount group.


·         Click on ‘Trade agreements’ button and select ‘Create Trade agreements’ as shown in the below screenshot.




·         A new trade agreement journal is opened with an empty Header.


·         Select a Journal Name from the drop down and click on ‘Lines’ button.


·         In the Journal Lines form, do not create a new line as we are not creating a new trade agreement.


·         To fetch the Line discount select the line click on ‘Select’ button. Please refer to the below screenshot.



·          In the new Select form, please do as following:


o   Relation- Select the relations you wish to modify. In our case we are modifying a Line discount so we have selected only Line discount.(Note: selecting many options will fetch unwanted lines, so it is advisable to select only the relations which you require)


o   Currencies are Optional.(selecting this will filter the lines being fetched)


o   Date interval is also optional. (selecting this will filter the lines being fetched)


o   Parties, in the account code select table if you want to select for a particular customer and select ‘Group’ to select a customer discount group and select all for all customers. Same applies for vendors also.


o   Uncheck ‘Include additional relations’ check box as it will fetch all the lines for other relation.


o   In the Items field group, select item code as ‘Group’ as we are going to modify a line discount for an Item discount group.


o   Select the relation field as ‘expline1’ from the drop down.


o   Click on select button.




·         All the lines are fetched in the Journal Lines form as per the selection we made in the select form as shown in the below screenshot.  




·         In the lines that were fetched, identify the line you intend to modify.


·         In our case, first line is the line which we wanted to modify.


·         In the line make the changes that you want to do, we can change all the fields except for the relation field.


·         Delete other lines that are fetched


·         In our case we are changing the Amount in currency field. Change the value from 15 to 25 as shown in the below screenshot.




·         After changing the required fields, click on ‘Post’ button.


·         Now we can verify that the value is changed in the Line discount form.(Please refer to the below screenshot) Navigate through Item master select the item line à click “Sell” tab à select “Line discount”à Line disc (Purch) form is opened à view the update in the discount field highlighted below



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