Finance or GL posting or Ledger integration Impact during Purchase order process – MS Dynamics AX 2012


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As per other AX consultants demand I am posting the Ledger integration or Finance or GL posting impact with respect to Purchase order and Sales order process.

Trade and Logistics, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable  integrates with Finance or GL with Item groups. To get more knowledge on Item groups

Navigate to Inventory and warehouse management –> Setup –> Inventory –> Item groups


Item group form has few panes or fast tabs called

  • Sales order
  • purchase order
  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Setup

In Item group form –> click Purchase order fast tab as shown in below screenshot.


Once you click Fast tab purchase order it expands and shows account type options.

It has all accounts type which will be effected during Purchase order posting process and its related Main account fields. we need to select all related ledger accounts in the Main accounts field.

How to assign Item group to Item or Product.


Go to Product information management –> common area—> Products –> Released products –> Select the product –> Released product details form opens –> Click Edit action in Maintain Group in action pane—> Click Manage costs Fast tab –> Posting section –> Item group field –> Select a option from the dropdown –> Exit from the form. (Creation of Item or Product is very well explained in my blog “” )


This is the way how Inventory management integrates with Finance module or GL.

Once you perform any purchase orders for the said item the ledger accounts selected in its Item group will be effected. see below screenshot for your reference

Go to Accounts payable –> Common—> Purchase orders—> All purchase orders—> Select Invoiced purchase orders—> Double click on the purchaser order number –> Purchase order form opened –> click Invoice Horizontal tab –> Journal group –> Invoice action icon –> Invoice journal is opened –> click Voucher action –> Voucher transaction form is opened –> view the ledger account column which were effected.


Voucher transaction form below


This concept holds same for Sales order process, Inventory journals  and production order process.

These are explained in detailed in my blog “”

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